My clients have been asking ‘What’s the deal with these colour paint chips on the wall of my treatment room?’. It’s a colour representation of the energy centres of the body (chakras). In a treatment, I work on each energy centre to free up the energy flow within the body and promote healing and well being. This week I’ve been running through what each energy centre relates to on my Facebook page, so here is a summary.

And mainly I just love the names of the paint chips – for example – ‘pocketful of posies’ ‘spontaneous combustion’ ‘seize the day’ ‘the space between’ ‘never grow up’ ?

The Crown Chakra

KAPOW! Violet represents the crown chakra and a connection to all life. Clients often comment on tingling in the head and relaxing of thoughts during a treatment, and some people see bright purpley colours.

Reiki in this area helps create wisdom, intuition, spiritual awareness and a sense of oneness.

The Brow Chakra

ON A MISSION! Indigo represents the brow chakra (sometimes known as the third eye). It is all about insight, wisdom and the link between the conscious and unconscious.

Therefore Reiki here increases understanding, inspiration and meditation. Hence ‘on a mission’ feels totally right as a reminder for this energy centre.

The Throat Chakra

SEIZE THE DAY! Absolutely right and the sun is out. Blue represents the throat energy centre. It’s about our ability to communicate with others and receive our own information (our inner voice).

Opening this chakra more fully can help clarify our direction in life. Reiki here will support self-expression, creativity, communication and a sense of responsibility.

The Heart Chakra

GREEN ENERGY This represents the heart chakra and is the centre of love and compassion.

So Reiki here increases love, peace, trust, compassion and spiritual development.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS Yellow represents the solar plexus, the energy centre for our personal power and ‘becoming ourselves’.

We carry a lot of judgements and fears here and Reiki in this area will give us greater courage, peace, power, self-confidence and self-worth. Sounds great – sign me up!

The Sacral Chakra

FIRE WITHIN – Orange represents the sacral chakra and is a centring energy. It relates to the ability to move from, or stay in, a place of inner quiet.

Hence Reiki here will enhance self-esteem, the enjoyment of life, optimism, sensuality, creativity and emotional strength.

The Base Chakra

SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION! This is what will happen if you ignore the base (or root) energy centre because this chakra is all about grounding!

Therefore Reiki here will help to connect you to the earth, will strengthen the will to live and enhance fertility.

So there you have it! Some gorgeous paint chips have been recycled to help to explain the role that energy centres have in Reiki.