I thought it was worth sharing this story with you on my first blog post, even though it might sound a bit bonkers. Let’s just say my family are now calling me Dr Doolittle!

It’s been a busy week, so when my friend Mary invited me and some friends for a coffee at the Green Table in Dartington I jumped at the chance. Unfortunately, when Mary turned up with her gorgeous cockapoo Basil, he was also jumping – a lot! And running round in circles, and barking at the croissants. So Mary decided it was probably time to abandon the idea of a coffee altogether.

But I explained that Reiki also can work well with animals and it can also have a lovely balancing effect on dogs. So I asked if she thought Basil would want me to have a go. We decided it was worth a try. This is how it worked out:


Mary & Basil are a bit sceptical to say the least!

‘Oh hang on’ says Basil, ‘I’m getting some nice attention here!’ Mary is absolutely not looking at me, no one wants to jinx it… Basil is giving me some friendly licks!

Basil is now so relaxed I’ve started to be able to have a chat with Mary (I can’t reach my coffee and my legs are going pins & needlesy but we’re going with it)

Result! Happy dog with a very waggy tail. I managed to get back to my coffee and he had a little potter round. He was amazingly calm even when his doggy pal digger turned up. When he got back home he had a lovely snooze.