In the past couple of weeks I’ve had a lot of lovely comments about my Revibe Reiki logo, so I thought I’d share with you what it’s all about.

First of all, I must confess, I am fortunate to be married to Jonathan who is a graphic designer who creates brands for companies large and small and in all sorts of sectors. I am also lucky that he speaks my language of understanding what I want when I say things like, ‘a bit less hippyish’ or a ‘bit more y’know’ or ‘like this’ and start flapping my hands wildly around in the air.

I said that I wanted to include purples and blues because these colours often swirl vividly in my mind when I give a Reiki Treatment. I spent some time researching images of the right sort of thing for inspiration and Jonathan did the same. When we compared the images we had come up with we had spookily gone down a very similar train of thought, to the extent that we couldn’t remember whose set of images were whose!

The image we settled on really sums it up for me – a flurry of gorgeous, vivid blues and purples. The colours in the logo relate to some of the colours associated with the Chakras (energy centres) in the body.

Coming up with the name came quite easily too – for me, having Reiki is a real reset and a change of vibrations so re-vibe seemed just right.

Then came the decision on the typeface for the logo. We went for this lettering design because the little tails on the R and K remind me so much of the Japenese heritage of Reiki.

So, thats what it all means to me. And it’s pretty. I like pretty things!

To find out more about logo and branding wizardry, Jonathan Gale can be found at