The ‘wow’ moment when I discovered Reiki

Revibe Reiki Totnes

I discovered Reiki myself by accident at the Eden Project, where I booked a mini massage and ended up getting a bonus dose of Reiki which made me feel on top of the world. My son also had a treatment and we both loved it, so I set about finding out more and decided I wanted to learn how to do it.

Tuning in to the Reiki’s good vibes

Revibe Reiki Totnes

I was skeptical about how Reiki works, as I have an analytical scientific mind. But the proof is in the changes that I have seen in myself. I have discovered that Reiki is a lovely balancing and healing energy that I feel very grateful that I am able to offer to people. If you’ve not tried Reiki before I can highly recommend dipping your toe in the water and coming for a treatment to see for yourself.

Reiki – the perfect antidote to stress

Revibe Reiki Totnes

I wish I had discovered Reiki earlier. I find that it is the perfect antidote to the stresses of daily life, and has become a big part of my self-care routine. With my Reiki treatments, I aim to create a lovely relaxing environment for you to take time to recharge yourself.

The secret is spreading. Reiki has grown in popularity and is now being used in many hospitals and is being recommended more and more as a complementary therapy.

Watch this space

Revibe Reiki Totnes

When I am not seeing Reiki clients, I am also a qualified Counsellor with a special interest in supporting Mums and Carers. You can find me at I volunteer locally for Totnes Carers Counselling and help to run ‘Time for You’ groups for Mums who have children with additional needs.

Clare Gale

Reiki Master Practitioner, Devon Totnes

Revibe Reiki Totnes Clare

Reiki with Clare was incredibly relaxing. The treatment room has a very calm feel to it and it was lovely to rest under a cozy blanket on the treatment bed. During the session I could really feel the energy flowing and it was a great way to release  the stress I had been feeling over the past few weeks. If you are looking for reiki in the Totnes area then look no further, I can’t recommend Clare highly enough.


A thoroughly relaxing experience which left me with the most wonderful feeling of peace and well being.


I have had 2 treatments from Clare & thoroughly recommend it to anyone. It’s the most relaxing & rejuvenating treatment you can have – for a specific ailment or just as a general tonic. Clare is gentle, intuitive and so warm. You won’t regret it!


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